Top 10 reasons to choose PDX

  • Services:

    We print everything from business cards and
    stationery to magazines, newspapers, books, fliers, booklets and
    programs in-house

  • Quick turnaround:

    We specialize in short-run, quick-turn jobs
    in black and white or color using digital printers.

  • Graphic design:

    With five full time graphic artists on staff, we
    can take your project from idea to finished product.

  • Finishing:

    We offer coil, comb, saddle-stitch and perfect
    binding. Plus we’ve just added hardcover book binding.

  • Top-notch service:

    Running late on a project? We’re happy to
    accommodate and will work with you on challenging schedules

  • Convenience:

    You can email or post your files to our FTP site,
    get a proof by email, and have the job delivered or drop-shipped
    where it needs to go.

  • Location:

    PDX Printing is near Downtown, at Interstate 10 Exit
    18B, with customer parking right by the door.

  • Experience:

    With experienced staffers and more than 40 years
    in the business, we deliver fast and cost-effective print work.

  • El Paso-owned:

    PDX Printing is owned and operated by El
    Pasoans, so your job helps the local economy.

  • Quality:

    We pride ourselves on producing top-quality print work
    that will enhance your business, organization, program or event.


PDX Printing was founded in 1984 by Jack Stewart when he consolidated various Speedy Printing shops into one bigger shop and built the building at 100/120 Porfirio Diaz near Downtown El Paso. Tom and Ellie Fenton bought the building and the printing business from him in 1999. At the time it was an offset print shop serving the business community with letterhead, envelopes, business cards, carbonless forms, programs, high-end customized invitations, business directories, brochures, posters, small booklets and catalogs. The shop did coil binding and saddle stitching to finish the many products it printed.Tom and Ellie purchased web presses capable of printing El Paso Inc. and it’s sister publications in 2001 and also purchased a perfect binder capable of producing soft cover books. PDX has continued expanding into the digital printing business and today PDX Printing produces newspapers, soft cover books of all sizes, magazines, annual reports, while still serving the business community with all its printing needs listed above.The joke at PDX is that the only thing we don’t print is money. We have two full-time graphic artists capable of high-end design work and complex layout jobs. We have an old-fashioned idea that the customer’s needs should come first and our entire staff performs with this in mind.